what is the importance of mom-dad in anybody's life?

January 19, 2007 11:02pm CST
Hi friend you guys can let me know after certain age parents should give total freedom to their child and allow to make all his decision on his own or just interefre on his decision?weather they just support all on his decision?
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@pergammano (7755)
• Canada
21 Jan 08
When a child is born, parents have made a decision that their hearts will forever walk about outside of their body. So it is at the Mother & Father's knee that a child will learn to acquire his/her noblest, truest & highest ideals. Parents are not some-one to lean on, they are to give you the skills to make leaning unnecessary. Parents love is the fuel that enables their child to do the impossible, and give you the tools, so you can fly. Decisions? Discuss the pros & cons! Let them fly...and be a soft place to land on! Age is not a measure of good decisions. Knowledge is!
• Philippines
11 Mar 07
Mom and Dad is very importance with our life! They are both responsible for whatever we accomplish in this world! Without them, we dont know how to live in this world.. Their responsibility is to race us good with fear to God and teach us everything till we grow up and build our own family. Omg!!! My Mom and Dad are the best parents that a child like me would ever have! Im so lucky to have them both!! They are so cool and really supportive! Though they didnt gave us more on material things, But they gave us a true meaning of love and happiness... i love you mom and dad!