The Real America

United States
January 19, 2007 11:35pm CST
For those of you who live in America...regardless of what you think of the current people running this country.. What do you see as the Real America? In case this question confuses you here is my answer: The Real America is a society built on the basic principles of love and passion. It is a society where people can walk down the street and talk to people and truly care about how they are. The Real America is a world where people can speak their mind, voice their opinions and not be persecuted for it. It is a society in which people respect others and treat people as they should be treated. Unfortunately, the Real America is drowned out by popular trends in society that shadow over the good parts.
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• United States
22 Jan 07
I personally feel the "Real America" can be summed up with one word... Freedom. It's what our forefathers came here for, it's what our government was based upon and it's what so many people from other countries come here to obtain. Unfortunately, our government and world for that matter are not perfect and I think has lost site of what we started out to achieve.
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23 Jan 07
Thank you for your insightful thoughts. I always appreciate someone who actually thinks before responding!