Is your religion by choice or by default?

January 19, 2007 11:45pm CST
I can tell you about almost any major religion on earth and some of the minor ones also. I choose my faith because I have studied and know it is the Truth. How much do you know about other faiths? Other than what your preacher or Preist told you! Have you really studied your faith or just taken what your parents and religious leaders told you as fact? If your faith is the truth would it harm you to put it to the test and understand the faiths of others. Why are people so afraid to understand the faiths of others. Is their faith so weak than they truely think they will be brainwashed by understanding? The thing I have found most people have very little knowlede of other religions. I an not singleing out any religion. Even my husband tends to be this way. I am Muslim and I can quote from the Bible and Torah. I have a basic understanding of most religions. But I know who I am and I know my faith is the right path. I know so much about others but everyone seems so ignorant about faiths other than their own. If I am working and tell someone I can't eat because I am fasting for Ramadan they have no clue. I just think it would not hurt to understand.
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