Is it just me, or do you have to watch episodes of Heroes in Bunches?...

@CyborgMC (173)
United States
January 20, 2007 12:18am CST
Heroes is a great show, but in each episode, it seems that they only give you enough to be a tease, lol! I got on to the Heroes bandwagon late. I caught the marathon they had on TV of the first six episodes, then got caught up before the holiday break by downloading the rest of the episodes off of itunes. While watching them, I remember thinking to myself "Man, if I was only able to watch one of these at a time and then have to wait a week I would be so frustrated I would end up ripping my hair out by hand!" LOL, I think when the show comes back on, on the 22nd of January I'll Tivo at least 4 episodes or so before I sit down and watch them again. I don't want to be caught screaming "NNNOOOOOOOOO!!!!" when the credits come up at the end of the show.
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@macoolit (104)
• Philippines
21 Jan 07
heheheh, that is true, when the action is about to get tougher, then they cut it. oh mannn... Actually this is my first time to watch a tv series. Really! And I really like this, hope they would make a movie out of it.
@apa555 (36)
• Sweden
21 Jan 07
I totally agree with you, I watched all of the eleven episodes in two days. One night I was thinking of only watching one or two eps, but it ended with me being up until 4:30 watching about 6 eps. It's really addicting watching these eps and it's really hard waiting until the show starts again.