Does life really begins at 40? In what way?

@JJireh (26)
January 20, 2007 3:22am CST
I feel that this adage applies to me right now. I feel that I have to start my life all over again.At 39 I am out of employment, no house, no property,no insurance, no family.I'll be turning 40 this coming August. Since I lost in the Money Market Trading recently everything seems turned around. The worst, my wife left me with the children with her. Good thing is , my faith is so strong, I just dont know what the future has to offer me again.Definitely, I have to begin my life again.
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@isasice (2015)
• Iceland
20 Jan 07
Ask again in a few months and I'll let you know. Not there yet lol. If life doesn't start until 40, I wonder what the last 39 years I thought I had been livin are :). Life is beautiful and it's what you make it to be, no matter how old or young you are.
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@ESKARENA1 (18299)
20 Jan 07
for me life truely began at forty. I was forty when i qualified as a teacher and when i finally acepted me as i am. For me this was the begining of my life. The future is uncertain you have to take action to ensure a beter time. In this way you will develop a life in which you have more control of the future because you have learned the lessons of your past
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