Beggar - a career or really poor

@azln66 (61)
January 20, 2007 4:19am CST
i hate to donate money to beggars because this is just making them lazy because they will keep on begging from day to day. Maybe, some of them is richer from the person who is donating to them. Will you all keep on giving money to them ?
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@maryannemax (12170)
• Sweden
20 Jan 07
i no longer give money to beggars after a very bad experience i had with them. i tried to give a little girl just 25 centavos since it's the only coin i had in my pocket. she insisted on asking for one peso. but i had no more available coin at that time except for that 25 centavos. so, she threw the coin away infront of me and shouted something. i really hated that day. and from then on, i never gave anything to them anymore. for them, it's a career. it's their way of living. try to put them into organizations which can take care of them. they won't really accept it. they love to be in the streets because they love to beg since they earn more from doing so.