Do you post discussions for money or answers?

@peterw24 (318)
January 20, 2007 4:58am CST
Usually when I post discussions, I want to know what other people are thinking and what they think about certain topics. The money is just a bonus. I'd like to recieve more money, but even in some topics I've had numerous responses in, I haven't recieved that much anyway. Do you post discussions for the money you get, or to actually find answers?
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@lloyd_07 (167)
• Australia
23 Jan 07
Money $$ :D If I needed answers, id go to more specific forums. However I am having fun so far just talking random stuff.
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@ChuckGel (244)
• Philippines
20 Jan 07
For me, i'm posting discussions here to know more about topics that i've been doubtful of. I'm not in after of the money since for me it really doesn't matter for i know that i can't really rely in here in terms of money... What's important is the knowledge i gained from the ideas of the different people all over the world...
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@Baldev00 (115)
• Australia
5 Feb 07
I am writing for money because that is what i need. I have not asked any questions yet so I have not got any answers.
@porshjab (11)
• United States
23 Jan 07
Hello, no I do so for the contact and to find folks that can help be complete a book that I am writing about the Internet. Money cannot make one close to their passion if this thier goal. Building friendship help with the money thought down the road, but the most important is contact, team work and information gathering. Thank you!
@apa555 (36)
• Sweden
23 Jan 07
I feel the same as you. I post my discussions to find out answers on my questions, the money is just a bonus. I also think that the money is encouraging you to post questions you otherwise wouldn't have done. So Mylot is a real great place.