What's the feeling of having a broken family?

@ChuckGel (244)
January 20, 2007 6:27am CST
I have a friend before who is so close to me that we somehow get to the point that i sometimes slept in their house. During that times, i never seemed to notice any family problems in them its because they're really seemed so close with one another. Until one night last year, she's crying while calling me on what to do. Her father was leaving them just because of a third party being involve. I really can't imagine the feeling of losing one of your parent just because of having another one in their lives...
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@asliah (11149)
• Philippines
19 Dec 12
hi, i don't want to experience in my life to have a broken family,because as i have seen in the movie having a broken family is not good for the member of the family especially in the kids,life could be miserable if that will happen me and maybe i am bad too.
@512771751 (1096)
• China
4 Dec 12
Broken family does do harm to children. I don't have such friends. But I think children comes from broken family really need love.
@Shavkat (50202)
• Philippines
3 Dec 12
Dysfunctional family is a tough situation to undergo especially for young children. The broken family can lead in two things: children can be having bad attitudes or not. It is the rebellious act a child can do. Some children can be open for the facts of their parents' separation.
• United States
20 Jan 07
You wouldn't want to know. It's heartbreaking... with how hard life is now, imagine only having one parent! And ofcourse this parent has to get over the break up. The kids suffer too, they are torn apart. And kids do not understand until they are grown and have their own relationships.
@maryannemax (12174)
• Sweden
20 Jan 07
i know a lot who belongs to a broken family. it surely hurts in the beginning. but as we know, all wounds will heal in due time. most of them don't feel bad about their parent's separation. they still love both their parents the same. while some get really hurt and hate his/her mother or father in the process. i think it's really up to the person on how he can deal with his/her broken family. reality bites. this happens in our society. and we need to be strong all the time to keep ourselves in tact.
• India
20 Jan 07
Everyone in the broken family lead its life of a single petal fall from the rest of the plant or just like a leaf losses from its branch. The paerls looks better when they are tied up not in a single settled items.