Are young people generally more selfish than their parints and grandparents?

@asmurthy (2464)
January 20, 2007 6:50am CST
Does age make you more aware of and caring for others?
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• United States
23 Jan 07
Not everyone is selfish. I myself am a very giving person. I gave all I could to my grandparents in their living years. I think it depends on how the person percieves family. I didn't grow up in the richest or the poorest family. On most occasions my family never got along. But I grew up with a big heart and feel that my elders were and are the backbone of what makes me.
@asmurthy (2464)
• India
26 Jan 07
how lucky your elders are. Thanks for your responsse.
@rajarani (106)
• India
20 Jan 07
yes i think young people are more selfish because when you newly get married at that time you normaly think about your wife most than your parents then after that when you get child then you think about the child his/her future of child & we are not giving much improtance to our parents so that time the parents will realise that my son is very selfish & normaly in so many cases it hapens what you think?