Accused of a Crime!

January 20, 2007 9:26am CST
My grandfather stands accused of a crime he dit not commit. He got a phone call from the police last week: "Mr. Anonymous? You are on our wanted list for shop lifting from a well-known shop in a well-known city. I do not want to come to your house to arrest you, but we need you to come in and talk to us in a week's time." "But that is absolutely mad! When was this crime supposed to have happened?" "We can not say. Have you ever been arrested before?" "No, of course not! Can I not come in now, to clear my name?" "No. I am only available in a week's time." My interpretation of all this is that it seems like someone stole from this shop while my grandfather was there, and that they have used the CCTV and cridet card records to trace all the customers in the store at that time. But why would they use words like "wanted list" and "arrest" when surely all they should be saying is "we want to eliminate you from our enquiries" like they are reported saying on the news? This is a huge cloud hanging over my grandfather's head! Can anyone make any sense of this, or offer any alternative interpretations on why they might think he has done this?
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