marriage is the most important part of life

@trex1988 (186)
January 20, 2007 9:50am CST
do you think that marriage is a most imortant part of life? should us keep ourself very carefull in this in selecting a right life partner?
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• India
21 Jan 07
yeah i do think , but its good to have a good life partner other then that ... if you have money too keep your wife n children happy ... so its good have a partner
@Jemina (5783)
20 Jan 07
It's not that marriage is the most important part of life but it is one of them. And because of that we must choose carefully whom we are going to marry. To marry and divorce later doesn't have a good effect on the children. It is becomig a cycle because some children copy the pattern from their parents but some tend to undo the mistakes committed by their parents.
• United States
20 Jan 07
I think that it is definitely an important part. I mean, the person you marry is supposed to complete you, and be your best friend. You need to be sure you are marrying for the right reasons. I think a lot of people rush into it because they think they are in love, or because they have children, or whatever the other various reasons are. Sadly, so many people divorce now-a-days it is hard to know what really makes people stay together. I think you should really think about it, and make sure that you can get through anything before you marry. The person you marry will be the mother/father of your children (most likely), your everything, and be with you for the rest of your life. If you pick the wrong one, then you are in deep crap and good luck getting out of it without any heartbreak or financial troubles. With that said, I love my husband more than anything, and I am so happy that I made the right choice.