Getting married to the military

United States
January 20, 2007 11:20am CST
In seven days i will be marrying into the military,Army. I've been with my fiance` for two years now and love him with all i have. Although being a military wife scares me. he's been in the military now for 11 years and plans on retiring from the miliatary in nine years. AN dthen right back into another dangerous job,Highway patrol.. he has already served 13 months in Iraq. Right now he's almost done with his three years of recruting.I haven't been with him while he's been working his actual MOS. Which is artillery. I'm scared to death about him returning to his MOS and being deployed again. His recruting will be up in October. Recruting is flat out probably one of the worst jobs in the military. They work very long hours and are treated horribly. You can only imagine all the horrible cooments he gets every day. He can't wait to get out of recruiting and i would rather him stay in recruiting instead of going back to a regular unit. He can't wait to return to a regular unit. He wants to go back to blowing things up,: ).I want him to try and get a job that they can't deploy him when he's done with this job but it's probably not going to happen and i think he would be happier in a regular unit. But he wants to make me happy and try to get another non deploable job. I'm hoping maybe there's some military wives that could give me some advice,PLEASE.
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