Does palmistry really predict future?

palmistry - Palmistry can predict future of humans.
January 20, 2007 11:42am CST
I sometimes personally feel that palmistry predicts future to an extent after reading few books on palmistry.I also predicted a accident of my friend by observing his palm that really happened.I started believing in palmistry.
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• India
1 Nov 10
well in this case my only answer is that," people without hands also have destiny" so clearly i do not believe in palmistry and think of it as an unconventional way to earn money.
@coolcat123 (4392)
• India
6 Apr 07
Palmistry do work in predicting a certain areas of your life. It can predict your life span and financial aspects for a particular period of time. The lines change or get erased depending upon the fluctuations in your life. The safest way is to get your personal Horoscope. The planets placed at the time of your birth will be reflected in this horoscope. As the planets move from one house to another, concrete predictions can be made.
• United States
3 Feb 07
Whether or not someone beleives in palmistry has nothing to do with its accuracy or not. I have given plenty of palm readings to people who absolutely did not beleive in "that kind of stuff" and guess what? Every single one of them said that it was 99% accurate and they were amazed. I would say to people who think that it is a bunch of balogna that they should do their homework. Research it for themselves and have a reading or do a reading on themselves with the help of a book and see if it can accurately predict the future or not. Most people who don't understand something will call it phony or fake, because it is too scary for them to deal with the fact that there are bigger things than themselves at work in the universe. Palmistry is a tool that we use to learn more about ourselves and our environment. It doesn't tell you you're going to win the lottery or get hit by a car. But it does tell you what patterns your life is following and based on those patterns it can give you a pretty accurate idea of what is coming unless *You* decide to change those patterns. Once we are aware of the likely future, we can take steps and make choices that foster that future or will deter us from that future. It is to prepare us.
@moneyseeker (1024)
20 Jan 07
If you 'believe' in palmistry then it can predict your future. If you don't believe, then it won't. We have free will and it's what we think and believe that shapes our lives. So be careful as to what you believe and think!