what happents when a baby comes?

Baby  - A sweet baby which is supposed to make life more beautiful.
January 20, 2007 3:13pm CST
A youg couple,which are not married yet, and have like 20 years old each,end-up having a discuttion about what will happen if a baby will show-up.She is telling him that if something like that will ever happen,she will brake-up with him.He is getting mad and turns his back on her.But he didin't understood why she sad that.She tries to explain,but he is not listening.He belives that she doesn't love him for true,but the real reason she said that is because she wants to have his baby,and she couldn't bare the thought of not keeping his baby.Their relationship is coming to an end...Is it because of her,or because of him?What do you think?Which one do you belive that was right?Did he had the reason to get mad?
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@lauriefnp (5112)
• United States
22 Jan 07
It sounds to me as if there is a miscommunication between this couple. They need to talk this situation out once their emotions have calmed down. He is probably thinking that she does not want his baby, and feels that therefore she does not love him. On the other hand, she needs to make it clear that she could not have his baby if they were not married (for whatever her reasons are) and that would hurt her badly because of her love for him. Good communication is the key in any relationship. Is this what you meant by this situation?
@janejaa (412)
• Pakistan
22 Jan 07
Me either. I'm extremely sorry to say that I could not grasp the idea behinbd this. You English is superb as I've known you for long now but the way you explained is not comprehensive.
@nishanity (1651)
• India
21 Jan 07
was there a relationship to begin with? your narration makes no sense to me at all... seems to me like you are the gal who did this... anyways,thanx to your not-so-good english, i havent understood a word u said! so i dont see how i can help! anyways its a stupid logic to break up coz one has one's boyfriend's baby!