What position is more gives more show?

January 20, 2007 3:52pm CST
The soccer is the most beatiful spory in the world. But what position in te field gives more show to the fans. The strike for their goals, the midfielders, the defenders, the goalkeepers. I believe that this depends in what type of game do you enjoy. I like the offensive tactics so I believe the player that make goals are the most important pieces to the show, but what about the goalkepers they do some crazy thinks too. What is your opinion?
3 responses
• India
21 Jan 07
It is a good question..in my opnion both defenders and strikers make a great show..bcoz there are 2 teams and if one team is in the penalty area of other team then one team is to offend and other to defend..now both the team have fan support..if the offence is show for one team, then the defence is show for the other team..i think i am right...
• Mexico
21 Jan 07
yea, it depends in how the game tactics are prepare before the match
• Indonesia
25 Jan 07
Strikers are still on top of the show
• Portugal
24 Jan 07
I think it's the midfielders, they are the one who makes the team work better.