Which version is best for a home user?

January 20, 2007 4:01pm CST
Okay, I just realized Vista now has 3 versions. Which is the one that a home user, like me, should use? I plan on purchasing the new HP Pavillion a1747 system in February (hasn't been released yet). It only gomes with 1 GB memory (don't know the CPU speed yet). I like to use my system for digital photography, burning DVD's, downloading music files and MS Office computing like spreadsheets and Word. I will also be using my new system to work form home as a customer rep, so I'll be web surfing quite a bit. I looked a C-NET's system requirements and they recommended that your computer run 2 GB memory if you used the Vista Premium. The HP I'm getting will come with that, but only have 1 GB. Is this enough??? Thanks!
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