@magnet (2087)
United States
January 20, 2007 4:59pm CST
Do you think the different styles of gender communication plays a role in causing misunderstandings in your marriage/relationship? How can you improve your marriage/relationship? Do you think that you can learn to communicate in a way that is effective to how you relate to your mate?
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@Kaldonya (278)
• United States
25 Jan 07
Yes, I think that that is a big factor in causing misunderstandings. My husband is so brief and to the point whereas I am wordy and need to tell the whole novel. Men are very linear people where women are not. Anytime you have two different styles trying to communicate, there will bound to be misunderstandings. But once you learn how your mate communicates and what his/her style is and they yours, then misunderstandings will greatly decrease. Sort of like developing your own "language" if you will. How you have learned to communicate with your spouse is not necessarily how you will communicate with other people, and yes, communication does directly affect you how relate to your mate. If you feel that you are not understood, the communication will lack.
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@pdutoit (16)
• South Africa
21 Jan 07
I have already rosponded this posting but must have made a mistake with the submission because I do not see it reflecting. So I will respond again. I disagree that the style of gender communication plays a role in causing musunderstandings. It is external influences that causes conflict.
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