which part of body that women like men to have muscles? Chest,arm,shoulders,etc?

January 20, 2007 5:17pm CST
I'm just curious. If you're a woman,which part of men's body you would like to see more muscle or find it sexy if it has more muscle. Choose only ONE and give reason(s) if possible. 1.Chest 2.Biceps 3.Triceps 4.Sick-Pack (Stomach) 5.Shoulder 6.Back 7.Leg 8.Arm,hand 9.anything not listed here Please don't discuss about 'that' thing down under,if u know what i mean.
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21 Jan 07
I like muscular arms, I like to have them wrapped around me. I like to just look at them and I like to run my hands over them. I do like muscles everywhere else too, but arms are my favorite!