My 100th Post here in mylot

My 100th Post - This post is my 100th post is mylot. I made it unique and the date and my name on my 100th post on mylot.
@martzkie (110)
January 20, 2007 8:09pm CST
This day I will be making my 100th post in mylot. I am more excited to see a star on my name and what would be my rating on the star. Maybe to far behind with others. Some made just a couple of days and for me I think its more than two weeks. I spend most of the time reading discussion than posting and I barely use the picture. Now I am trying to balance what I am doing here in mylot. I spend only an hour or two daily for mylot. Do you think I am far behind from others that this is only my 100th post and earnings of less than $2.
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• Belgium
10 Apr 08
lol congrats with your 100 posts!
@bbcszone (99)
• Romania
6 Sep 07
Congratulation martzkie, I am only 20 post but i want to reached 100 post like you. i have earned only 0.07$ yet!
@bbcszone (99)
• Romania
5 Sep 07
Congratulation martzkie... this is my 2nd post but i belive just like sweepstakes do more post because this is my first day i wait for my first 100 posts!I post in this forum everiday and i think so I can beat the 100 post!i stay only a three hour dailty in mylot!
@domenyag (1273)
• Philippines
21 Jan 07
you should be posting more, you cannot earn just by reading the post,, you should reply to the post in order to earn. congratulations, you will soon receive you star reputation rating... i also spend here for only 2 hours a day
@egisugiri (842)
• Indonesia
21 Jan 07
This is not a competition. I think what you are doink is just fine. Nice work and good luck to you.