MUST READ THIS ONE: What if animals started communicating with us??

United States
January 20, 2007 9:09pm CST
Lets say for whatever bizzaro reason one day animals just had the intelligence to speak and communicate with all of the humans on planet earth, every country every city and every creature... even including insects. If this happend do you think that people would stop killing animals?? Do you think people would try not to step on ants?? Would we go to war with animals that hated us and wanted to eat us, such as sharks??? Whats your opinion???
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• India
29 Jan 07
what will happen the only difference between men and animals will be eliminated, already we are behaving like animals. we dont even have basic civic knowledge we dont even talk properly to each other, where ever you there is a fight, so i think this ony the last difference left.
• United States
26 Jan 07
ive always wondered what people would do if animals did speak. when i was little instead of an imagainry friend i would imagine that my pets were talking to me. sometimes i find my self talking to them now as if they could spak back, i think that it would be really neat if animals could repsond back verbally.
@cwilson26 (2737)
• United States
26 Jan 07
I think it would be cool if dogs and cats could talk and tell us exactly how they felt but I wouldn't want insects or sharks or anything else to talk. I have always said I wish my dogs and cats could really talk to me. They communicate with me in other ways but it would be cool to be able to find out what they were really thinking. :)