I want to become a Linux user but.....

@tokster (165)
January 20, 2007 9:54pm CST
I'm a windows user all my life, and just looking at how people setup Linux in a "dos" like style scares me. One of my colleagues suggested using OpenSuse. Could you guys give me a good URL for beginners in setting up something like Opensuse? How about setting up my network in Linux. Its easy in Windows but again I dont like to go through the "dos" like format of Linux in commands. Do i need to make a partition of my hard drive? As of now I have 2 80gb in my Windows and in my 160gb disk space I only have 6gb left. So I guess I need to clean up my files first before reformatting both then make a partition and install a linux and windows OS? Sorry if im a noob at this.
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