Is racism often just a matter of perception?

@pilbara (1436)
January 20, 2007 10:03pm CST
I recently saw part of a programme called black/white where a family of each type was apparently disguised as a family of the other type in order to experience the different lifestyles. The real african american and the pseudo african american man were walking down a narrow pathway, some people coming towards them were walking 3 abreast and then changed to single file as the men approached them. The real guy said the people did this to avoid him, the pretend one said it was just courtesy. Shortly afterwards they went into a shop to look at some shirts, a service person quickly came over to assist them, the real guy said this was done as the shop assistant thought they might be shoplifters, the pretend guy say it was just good customer service. So in this case the same actions were perceived in different ways. Is it possible that many cases of so called racism are just a misunderstanding between 2 types of people e.g. if the group of people who moved over or the salesman had also been african american how would their actions have been interpreted?
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@SageMother (2277)
• United States
21 Jan 07
It would be easy to accept the misunderstanding if it wasn't layered on top of other behaviors and reactions that were based on being able to PERCEIVE the color of a persons skin. There are alot of things that people do that are racist but they cover with altruism..."good customer service" is one. It is a fact that store security will follow a black person around faster tha they will a caucasian. I have been in restaurants where I was served quickly because they were trying to get me out of their business, and you can tell the difference. There isn't much to wonder about if you have been on the receiving end of both types of behaviours. believe can tell the difference without being mistaken. Alot of what pepole say to cover up their racism is just that...cover up.
• United States
21 Jan 07
I think some people just expect people to be racist. Therefore they just assume. I am not a racist person at all. People are different. There are different communities and cultures and religion that make us who we are. It does;t matter what color you are, because although we are all do much different, we are also all exactly the same. We should all get over these petty differences and learn to love people not hate them.