One Pro-verb, Is it right or wrong???

United Arab Emirates
January 20, 2007 11:24pm CST
""Marriage is a circle, If anybody in outside they would like to go inside,but one who inside that circle they would like to go out side"" Discuss me..
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@mariam74 (555)
• Egypt
22 Jan 07
Do you know I like these words very much I always hear this from married men but I rarely hear it from married women, I think that men get bored fast and need to change. When a man reaches what he wants from his wife he feels that she is an easy thing to get so he likes to know other woman to feel that he is taking a difficult thing he feels enjoy by taking the difficult thing but for women the the case is not the same because woman loves only one man and can't think that she can see anyone else except him so men likes to run out of the circle whenever he enters it but women no maybe she thinks to leave the circle when she finds it impossible to continue with this man who don't want her any more and ignores her feelings and her love to him, anyway I don't say this because I'm a woman but because this is the way men make with all my friends who are married. Thanks
• United Arab Emirates
23 Jan 07
Dear mariam, your response is gr8. But that only true in some cases,becoz am faced one problem from my friend. If you need any refference just read my first discussion.Thanks
@mariam74 (555)
• Egypt
23 Jan 07
I've read your first discussion yes it happens I know but it is only 1% of woman who do this not all of them and in most of cases if this woman is from a good family and well raised in a good home she'll never do this anyway every rule has exceptions we can't make a general rule. Thanks
@pusiket (1759)
• Philippines
21 Jan 07
I don't think it is a circle where no oe ca come inside. But rather it has an entrance where everybody can enter but not necessarily should join.