What do you know about BiGgFoOt?

January 21, 2007 12:12am CST
The Yeti is a large human-like mammals,though taller than humans,that walks with a lumbering gait.If often stands upright,but usually moves on all four.ITs body is covered with thick black or browm fur and its feet are big.So it is often known as 'bIGgFoOt'.Its diet consist of fruit,vegetables ad small mammals.IT lives in the caves and forest near the snow line. I have a lil' group known as 'BiGgFoOt' which represents to yetis.. so all da BiGgFoOters do give ur identity... To all who knows about this mammal do share with me..
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@magarboyz (568)
• Nepal
21 Jan 07
well biGg foOt means yeti..which is found in the himalayan region and yes its our group name too...
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