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January 21, 2007 1:03am CST
I was watching TV the other night and this show came on about these two girls who were conjoined twins but they weren't two fully formed twins who happened to be joined. They only had one set of legs and arms and in fact looked like one person with two heads. They were pretty amazing girls, and it showed them getting their drivers licenses (amazingly, they were able to drive even though one girl controls the left arm and leg and the other controls the right) and playing sports and talking about their lives and I have to admit it was pretty fascinating. But I had to ask myself if we haven't just moved freak shows into the 21st century. I was kind of torn about whether to watch it or not because I hate the thought that we're still lining up to stare at these people who already have enough problems to deal with. Then I thought that it's not exactly the same, because there was a time when people were forced into those situations and were treated horribly much of the time and that isn't the case here. What do others think?
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23 Jan 07
i agree... i dont think we should be lining up just to see peoples misery... i mean if the two were not miserable and wanted to be known as the freaks then let them... i dont agree with showing off like that though...
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