Homeschooling...what's your thoughts?

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January 21, 2007 3:20am CST
I have homeschooled my daughter for several years. She started in a private school, then homeschooled at 4th grade. She wanted to try public so in 7th she went...lasted 1.5 yrs and then she begged to be home again. She has a full calendar with her friends, she is a well rounded soul and the future is hers to choose. She is in the 10th now and working on some college credits. Sometimes I wonder if I had left her in public school if she would have the same attitude and outlook on life that she has now.
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22 Jan 07
I honestly don't think that she would have. In my opinion, all the school system does is turn our children into robots who hate to learn. I'm glad to hear that your dd is doing so well. Brenda Marie Homeschool 4 Us (My homeschool blog): My ebook: "Homeschooling Without The Headaches"