do you believe in reincarnation?

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January 21, 2007 5:30am CST
i dont...the bible says we should be thankful God gave us life coz once its lost it wont come back...i dont believe in reincarnation...i dont know, but that is hgow i interpret things...
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@urbandekay (18312)
21 Jan 07
In his heart every man knows quite well that, being unique, he will be in this world only once and there will be no second chance for his oneness to coalesce from the strangely variegated assortment that he is; he knows it but hides it like bad conscience. - Nietzsche What would it mean to be reincarnated? To come back as another person (or animal) then it is not you - to come back as exactly the same person, well has it happened? To have some vague memories of a former life? There are better explanations. Reincarnation; incoherent at worst, speculative and improbable at best all the best urban