have you heard about: lunar fasting vow?

January 21, 2007 5:57am CST
Loke the Roja of Islam, some Hindus practise the Lunar Fasting Vow called "caandraayana vratam" in Sanskrit. The ca is pronunced like 'ch' in chalk. It is the best way for a person to have self control over senses. It can also help in fighting obesity. Moon has 15 ascending days and 15 descending days. We start with one fistful cud of food on the first day of lunar ascent. 2nd day : 2 fistfuls. 3rd day : 3 fistfuls. so on. 15th day (full mon): 15 fistfuls. Now, we have to start reduce the quantity everyday by one fist. 16th day (1st day of decreasing moon): 14 fists of food. .... so on ... The 30th day (new moon day): Only one fistful is taken. "For this discipline of the body, we need lot of perseverence. The body is like a horse. We are like the rider. It must follow our dictates obediently." Thus the practitioners say. I occasionally practise it for one cycle. Obese people may have to try under the supervision of a family physician and nutritionist.
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