If You Ruled The World....

January 21, 2007 6:22am CST
Ok guys, this is for the power and authority maniacs... (I maybe am one too... still don't know though): If you were to rule the world for a week, what would be your first 3 orders/changes/adjustments you'd do or command be done?
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• United States
14 Mar 07
1- I would make sure every one was really treated equally and not just say it. 2- I would fix the defecit, get the world out of debt, and drop gas prices all in my first hour! :) 3- I would bring home our troops and quit sacrificing more sons, mothers, daughters, and fathers.
@Unigod (10)
• Norway
14 Mar 07
Hi, I can honestly say I consider myself to be a power maniac, but, I cannot say for sure that I will urge to have morte power once I allready have enough to change the world, once changed for the better, then you only need to uphold the good things and prevent people from doing evil by which the old world will not come back..... But for the sake of it, my three first changes would probably be: 1. feed all people 2. abolish money 3. create a one world government Ps, but also i have thought, that when i can, i will arrange a super, mega, global, trance dance party :)
@perugu (5281)
• India
21 Jan 07
hi,If i could be the ruler,1]Abolish all religions in the world and create one common religion,so that people feel that we are all one.2]Common property and common work for all people,no body should have own property,every body should work and eat equally.3]Encourage indian culture to follow entire world.
@chryss (658)
• Philippines
21 Jan 07
if i will be given a chance to ruled the world,,maybe i will command my people to have peace to each others,secondly i try to change those laws that are not used.thirdly, i try to adjust myself to others so that i can get along to them in someways,