Should I let my daughter's father see her?

@angelmae (351)
January 21, 2007 6:59am CST
I was just 18 when I got pregnant. My ex boyfriend wanted me to abort her. I didn't. Now, he's claiming rights to my baby. He told me when we discovered I was pregnant to abort the baby. But I insisted in continuing the pregnancy. But my stupid ex boyfriend said that if I decide not to abort it, he don't want any obligations or responsibilities for it is my decision. So I did continue it and headed to my hometown where he can bother us no more. And I've cut all of our communications. For my peace of mind of course. Since he can't do any good, I decided to raise my baby on my own. I don't need him. But now, the nerve of him telling me he has a right to see her daughter? No way! But when the time comes that my daughter wants to meet him, only then can he see her. If my daughter wants to be seen. If you were in my place, would you have done the same thing?
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• United States
21 Jan 07
you need to let him see her or he can take you to court and then it dont matter what you wont his feelings may have changed for the child if you let him come and see her it would be supervised and he couldnt be alone with her but if you let this go to court you might be sorry you need to talk to a lawyer about this.
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@angelmae (351)
• Philippines
23 Jan 07
I actually thought I could just forget about him, but since you said that, it reminded me that he can sue me. But can he still sue me even if he doesn't know where we are. And in her birth certificate, I indicated there that her father is unknown.