are you a jealous person?

January 21, 2007 6:59am CST
i kind of am and it is not good it harms relationships. sometimes i try hard not to let this be ouviestly. are you gealous? how you react?
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@ssh123 (31100)
• India
21 Jan 07
Do not believe if any one says he is not jealous. All people have in some form or the other. Similarly do not believe people who say they do not get angry. The only person who is not jealous and does not get angry is GOD.
• United States
21 Jan 07
I used to be very jealous. Even at ex girlfriends, even at old things that the ex's gave. To the point that my last boyfriend threw all the stuff he's been keeping all his dating life to make me happy. It was only recently that I realized how bad it was to be the jealous type. If you have nothing to be jealous about, please don't be jealous. If the guy is with you, he's yours... showing a lot of jealousy is also showing you're not confident about yourself.
@ichurn (611)
• Philippines
21 Jan 07
No, I;m not a jealous person. I believe that I'm okay with my life.. contented with what I have. I don't have to be jealous to other people because they have their own story and I have my own story. Nothing can be better than living a wonderful life of contentment and happiness.