hard work is the key to success

January 21, 2007 8:37am CST
every man wants success in life. he may be a farmer working in the fields. he may be a school teacher or an employee in an office he may be a businessman or a politician. to acheieve success in any field of work he has to work hard. a farmer working hard in the fields produces more. he cannot limit his woring hours as in the case of an employee. if he works in the fields in the morning he has to attend to other jobs connected with cultivation or looking after the cattle etc. in the afternoon. we have seen many cases of small farmers becoming big land owners by their hard work, over the years. the case of a businessman is similar. he has to work hard for several hours daily. an easy going businessman or one who is lazy never succeeds and sooner or later he has to close his business. a hardworking businessman gets more profit which is inversted again in the same business cases where an ordinary businessman grows richer and richer by hard work and expands his business activities..