What do you think of The Rats Trilogy?

January 21, 2007 8:44am CST
I read "The Rats" and "Lair" when I was 8 years old (I used to read them late at night with a torch in bed....the nightmares I had!) and thought they were great books, and when I was 18 I was lucky enough to get hold of "The Rats", "Lair" and "Domain" (I read them back to back all in one night, and I had to keep looking under the bed!). I think these are great horror novels (James Herbert is an amzing author) and they keep you hooked, turning the pages to the end! What does anyone else think of these books?
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1 Feb 07
I'm not surprised you had nightmares reading them with a torch at the age of 8 lol. I think I was about 12-13 when I first read "The Rats" not sure what age I was when I read "Lair" or "Domain" but I throughly enjoyed all of them, think I will have to dig them out and reread them. Oh have you read "The City"? This is a sort of continuation only it is what they call an illustrated novel (basically a comic) took me a while to get hold of a copy as they seem to be fairly hard to come by and can cost a fair bit.
1 Feb 07
I never realised there was a graphic novel as well...awesome! I'll have to see if I can get a copy. I need to buy them again, I think I lost them when I moved last...