Have you ever been rejected by anyone??

@Monjoy (71)
January 21, 2007 9:19am CST
Have you ever been rejected by anyone?? Do people hide things from their loved ones just because they dont want to be different or rejected??? Are you bold enough to tell the world you dont think like thme without the fear of being rejected?
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@maryannemax (12172)
• Sweden
21 Jan 07
i always try to text my friends the past weeks. but then, they keep on rejecting me. telling me later on that they are busy about something. i feel bad about it and i tell them about why i do feel bad about them rejecting me. sometimes, i don't really care anymore if they feel like they don't need me anymore. it's just i feel bad sometimes about the rejection.
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@mariam74 (555)
• Egypt
29 Jan 07
Yes I've been rejected by a friend of mine when she was staying at home with no work she used to be with me all day and call me a lot and when she worked she made a new friends from work and since then she began to go out with new friends and never see me or call me so I felt bad from her and never called her again and said to her that if she doesn't want me so I doesn't want her anymore and now we talk rarely but I have another good friends now.
• India
28 Jan 07
Yes i have been rejected. the girl i love most said i'm not interested. I was very depresed that time, but u know what i found that it hardly matter to me if she doesn't like me or even hate me because what matter to me is that i love her still very much the only thing i wanted from her is that she should be happy .she should accomlish all the goals she set for herself and achive what she wants. i want her to live prospourous life so it hardly matters to me if she is happy with me or without me. she have a beautiful smile and i wish she keeps smiling forever. I pray for her daily and wish from god for her. ilove her very much and that the biggest thing for me, my reality.