What colour PSP do you own?

January 21, 2007 12:24pm CST
What colour is everybody's PSPs and why did you select that colour? I got a white PSP because everything else I have is black so I wanted something different.
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@natalie1981 (2000)
• Singapore
24 Apr 07
I don't own one--yet. I'm planning on getting one either for me or for my boyfriend but I don't know which firmware to buy. I heard that in some PSP, you can play games from your memory stick. What firmware is that? If I'm going to get one for me, I would like to have the pink one and blue for my guy. White and Black are more common.
27 Apr 07
We only have 3 colours over here in the UK, which sucks....I would have gone for a silver or a blue one as they look better...I think really though I went for a white one because everyone seems to have a black one (or everyone who I know that has a PSP anyways) so I wanted mine to be different. I wish you could print your own facias, then I would have a totally unique design on my PSP!
@dianagnes (1088)
• Singapore
21 Mar 07
Its white in colour.Its kind of common to have black & white.A pink version would be nicer.
2 Apr 07
I personally think the Pink one looks hideous, I do like some of the other colours that have released in japan like the blue, silver and gold ones...why can't they release them over here...and no so bloody expansive just because it is not black?
@vega83 (6346)
• Bahrain
6 Feb 07
i wish i had a PSP man, but if i could choose, i would choose the white one. it looks better than black. and now they've got that pink one too. but i'd still go with the white.
6 Feb 07
After I got my PSP, I saw a blue one on eBay (I think it is from Japan) and I like that, although I'd prefer one if they did it with a clear case...now that would be cool!
@ibulseco (69)
• Philippines
1 Feb 07
mine is Ceramic White
1 Feb 07
I must admit the White one appealed to me, but it's really odd as I usually like things that are black....
22 Jan 07
I got my PSP on launch day so the only colour I could get was the black one, even if there were other colours available though I would still choose the black one. Personally I think the white one is absolutely hideous. The wrist strap that came with mine though is white and again it looks disgusting, so I don't use it.
2 Apr 07
That's odd that you got a white wrist strap with yours...mine was black!
@shatman (728)
21 Jan 07
i am getting a black psp, i mean the pink one was never even thought about, not really my style, and the white looks good, but i would gte it so dirty so easily
2 Apr 07
Actually, you'd be surprised, the white one does not get as dirty as you'd think...I have the white one (until they bring out the PSP2 if that happens) and it stays fairly clean all the time.
@CYZell (15)
• Singapore
23 Mar 07
For me, I own a black psp. As I'm a lazy fellow, I do not maintain my psp that frequent, that's why I chose black color.
21 Mar 07
I don't actually own a PSP but all my mate's which have one, have one in black. I don't think it looks the same in any other colour. Black looks best to me but that's just my opinion.
• Canada
14 Feb 07
its very rare in my city other color of psp my is only blacky the normal 1
• Portugal
24 Jan 07
My is black when i get it is the only colour in market
• Norway
22 Jan 07
I got a Black psp becouse i buyed it when it was out here in norway. I like the Black one becouse you can nerly not see if it dirty...
@00fear (3203)
• United States
21 Jan 07
i have a black psp too. i got the color because i bought it when the psp first came out and black is my favorite color. now that they have colors for them, i dont think i would wanna buy a faceplate for it.