visiting the town of love

@anyutza (138)
January 21, 2007 2:35pm CST
why is venice considerate the town of paris?why people fall inlove when they visit this place..what is so romantic in taking a walk with gondoles(i hope it`s the right word for italian boats)..can someone help me find out why this place is so special?has anyone been there?
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@aniushca (142)
• Romania
24 Jan 07
it is the capital of falling in love:)).... but i think that venece is ione of the most beautiful places in the world... representing a center of culture in europe... an yes.. gondolas are cool.... and they give people a chance to fall in love.. because they can wlak on the water under the moonn.. in the middle of the town
@Chinmy (30)
• China
7 Feb 07
Thouggh i have never been to there,i have read some books about venice. It is said that Venice is a peaceful city with a complicated and wonderful history. i’m looking forward to being there one day.
@wasim989 (2302)
• India
21 Jan 07
Well I don't know the answer but if what you are telling is true then I will to visit this place sometime in my life.
@Vicky86 (243)
• United States
21 Jan 07
I think people fall in love in romantique cities, because their expectations are higher in finding someone special. if most people are positive in meeting someone they could have a relationship with, than most likely more people will fall in love together. i don't know if it has to mean finding your true love, but a little romance is probably in. ciao vicky