@jamaan (49)
January 21, 2007 7:26pm CST
Did you take any risk in your life? ifso, tell me your success story or failure story'
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@akuler (3539)
• Malaysia
10 Apr 10
Hi jamaan, I believe we take risk every time we make a decision being it as easy decision or the hard one. And we can not avoid it because it is happen everyday, every hours, every minutes and every seconds. The different is whether it is a low risks or high risks. Just take driving the car for example. Driving a car was an act of taking the risks. If we make wrong movement we might get involve in accident and make someone injured. Or the worst case, we might kill ourselves or some one else because we drive the car. This thing could be avoided if we just walk. But walking also take some risks. We might hit by the car or might late to go to works or somewhere we want to go. I do not know which story that I should tell you because there are so many stories whether it is a good or bad stories about taking the risk. I am also taking the risk to response to this discussions because I do not know whether I would get a reply or not or I might miss some discussion that I want to reply. So, every thing involve risk.
@thaMARKER (3094)
• Philippines
1 Jan 09
So far, being newly graduated from college of course I have to get a job, I took one right after and I was sent out of the city. It’s a little bit far and I took it. It’s a risk considering it’s going to be my first job and away from home. I had a hard time adjusting and I’m actually still adjusting but getting better now. I was not sure it would work because I’m used to being close with my family though I make all the decisions for myself but I prefer to be near them just in case.
• Canada
25 Jan 07
I believe we all take some kind of risk in everything we set out to do . When I started my college degree there was always the risk that I would not finish and would be a lot of money and this did happen . I couldn't handle being up where I was and ended up dropping out and to this day I have no college education .
@ralevi (1887)
• United States
22 Jan 07
Yes, I have taking risk in my life. When I learned how to make web pages I start to create page with my friend. Soon, my friend realize that our site is suck and he tell me let`s quit. I tell him that we need to work more harder and for two weeks we can make that one of the best sites in my country. He say`s ok but, if you are wrong you will give me 100$ for my work. I say, Ok . I say him what we need to change and after 2 weeks I say oo my gosh my web site have been visited from 100 people today. :D