Struck by lightening!

United States
January 21, 2007 8:04pm CST
Has anyone been struck by lightening. I was several years ago. It was actually sunny and I was out washing the car barefoot. I heard thunder but it was very distant and I did not think anything about it until I felt something hit my ankle. It felt like someone had thrown a baseball and it had hit my ankle. There was another clash of thunder and I ran under the carport. By the time I got there I couldn't even walk. My leg was completely numb. We called a docter whom I worked with and he said that I should actually try to get up and exercise it, but that it would probably stay numb for a while. I went to the office the next day and they used the needle stick process to test my numbness. The whole leg was still numb. The kids couldn't believe I could not feel anything and actually would bruise my toes trying to squeeze hard enough for me to feel it. This numbness lasted for 2 months. The doctor said that I was lucky it was an indirect hit. I told him he didn't have to explain what would have happened if it had not be indirect. It made me stop and think twice about distant thunder. What had happened is the lightening had hit the ground and ran through the ground to my water source and into my bare foot. I do not go outside when it is thundering unless I have on shoes and I don't wash cars when there is any thunder in the area!!!
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