ebay India demand scanned copies of Visa debit cards

January 21, 2007 8:40pm CST
I am a UK citizen living in Goa. I have attempted on two occasions to buy goods on ebay India with a value of around Rs10,000 each time ($226 or £115. On each occasion I have been asked to submit scanned copies of my debit card via email to ebay. Their request is directly copied below:- In order to authorise the payment, please send a copy of the front and back of the Credit Card used either by fax to +91 22 6669 0001 or email scanned copies to paisapaydocs@ebay.com. You may hide the expiry date on the card and the 3 digit CVV appearing on the back of the card. I do not understand why they need to request this information. They are already in receipt of the amount, Card number, start and end dates, CVV and name on the card, everything they need to get authorisation of payment which they have had on several other occasions from me for lesser amounts, (up to Rs6000) The card regulations say that card details may be used by merchants once only at the time of authorisation and details must not be retained beyond that time. The merchant is not permitted to retain card information on record for any purpose whatsoever. As India has no data protection laws in force I refuse to conform to ebay's requirements. Further my UK bank has told me that should I agree to their request and submit these details via email then any insurances protecting the card would be null and void. ebay do not seem prepared to disclose why they need the information. Anyone any ideas?? Dave
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@shooie (4985)
• United States
22 Jan 07
try setting up an account through paypal. I don't ever recall having e-bay asking for a copy of my credit card. My husband and I use e-bay all the time. My husband has gotten a hold of serveral scams and has had to change his card couple of times but it is not e-bay it is scammers using e-bay emblems and everything
• India
22 Jan 07
I moved out from the UK six months ago. At that time I had more than 100 transactions with a 100% trading record on ebay UK. I used PayPal continuously for all transactions. I was told that I could not use PayPal outside of the UK and must close both my ebayUK and my PayPal accounts which I did. I have had to start again in India with no trading record and snags and pitfalls at every step. Out of 6 purchaes made I have had to enter disputes on 4 of them. Goods arrive badly packed and smashed sellers send you emails weeks after the transaction trying to sell you something else! You have to remember this is a third world country, but I love it!
@cyfernet (2385)
• United States
22 Jan 07
i feel this is a new method that ebay has implemented to prevent credit card spoofing. u have no choice but to do as they say. i have seen on internet where a guy had to go through a similar process. this is a common thing on ebay.in. they are more concerned about security. if u don't like it then u can check the american ebay site because some of the products are shipped to india