Global Heating

January 21, 2007 9:24pm CST
Dear All, I am now concerned about the Global Heating accordingly. Many of the seasons are being weirdly not supposed to be happening. Now in Indonesia for Example, we should be in rainy season at the moment, but it has been late for about 4 months now that the weather is still hot and even few weeks ago, In Jakarta, the weather reach to 37 Celcius Degree, which is the hottest day in the Jakarta History. Therefore, I am really concerned on what happened. Noticed as well that in Russia, many animals (Bear) that should be waken on the Winter weather has woke up accordingly. In is not yeat winter there but due to the warmer condition, this bear is waken. What happen to the world? If possible, please stop polution. This is terrible what happen to us at the moment. Please Save the world.
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