Do most people really hate or dislike their mother-in-law?

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January 21, 2007 9:32pm CST
This has been something I've been thinking about lately. Anytime I hear people talking about mother-in-laws, or any book I read, movie I watch, everyone dislikes their mother-in-law. Is this true for you? If so, what do you dislike about her? Or if you do like her, what do you like? I have 3 sons. They are still young so I don't have to worry about this anytime soon, but the odds are that *I'll* be a mother-in-law someday. Right now I can't imagine wanting to interfere all the time or try to take over my son's life and wife. Of course I want to spoil whatever grandkids I end up with, but not overly so. I just wonder if I'll be the "dreaded" mother-in-law someday that their wife will want to avoid at all costs. I certainlly hope not! I want to be one of the "good" ones. So do you hate, dislike, tolerate or love your mother-in-law and why?
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10 Feb 07
I love my mother-in-law dearly and wouldn't trade her for the world. I enjoy her company - as we have a quite a few things in common. So I think it just depends on how you treat her and their relationship.
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1 Feb 07
I had 3 mother-in-laws but the first was passed on before I met my first husband. He was quite a bit older than I. So I never knew her, of course. My other two were absolutely the best mother-in-laws in the world. I leaned so much from them. I didn't see my second one after I got a divorce from her son but I lived in Kansas and she in Oklahoma and I was busy making a living and just getting by at times. But I know she knew I loved her. My last mother-in-law was shot and killed at the same time my husband abd his brother-in-law were almost 23 years ago. My husband's step-father shot and killed them. He took away some important parts of my life. My husband was abusive with ne and I probably would not have stayed with him much longer but I miss Mom so much. She was the kind who would have stayed my mother-in-law in her heart and in mine.
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25 Jan 07
No Im not married but my mom loved my grandmother she pasted a few monthes ago
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24 Jan 07
I just love my mother in law and we get along great together. We are also good friends. I am very lucky.