Have you ever lost your religion?

@ediza02 (107)
January 21, 2007 10:57pm CST
I have to say, the more I travel the smaller I see myself. In Philippines where I grew up, we have Christian and Muslim religions are the only existing religions that I know. Although Christians have a number of dominations but it did not confuse me at all because all these dominations who hare debating about religion are talking about one God and that is Jesus Christ. I am a christian because I am born as christian and baptised as christian. In our community majority are christians and we have a smaller number of Islam. When I was in Abu Dhabi, I came to understand a little bit of Islam by talking to muslims who are believers of Allah Prophet Mohammed and that Jesus is one of the Apostles. So okay I didn't get lost myself coz we resemble in one way or another in beliefs although it is very different. When I was in Africa, It is the same thing. In France, I've met a lot of people who doesnt believe in God. But now that I am India, I am completely lost. There are such a number of religions. To mention a few,aside from Christian and Islam, there is Budhism,Hinduism,Jainism,Sikhism ,Judaism and Zoroasrianism. I'm having close encounters with some of the believers of these religions I find strange. There are plenty of Gods and Godesses and loads of beliefs that are sometimes beyond my perception. Although I respect others' religion I can't help but ask myself; If I was born with one of these religions, I would be one of them worshiping these strange Gods. Goodness Me! Or if given a chance to choose which religion would I be before I'll be born, It has to be confusing huh! If you ask each of the believer everybody would say: There is only one God who is _____ (whoever they believe in). And for me, There is one one God. Who is it? It's just in my heart and my life dwells around my beliefs. I have my own testimonies and I dont have to tell you.
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• Philippines
22 Feb 10
hi ediza I understand how you must have felt.There are a lot of religions existing right now and i know that it comes to the point that you second guess yourself.For me, regardless of the name of the God that you are worshiping and regardless of what religion you belong to,all of them teaches us to treat each other with respect and dignity. As long as you follow what your heart says to you and you do not mistreat other people then i think you don't need to concern yourself with the other religions.
@njsa977 (12)
• Kuwait
4 Nov 09
as a muslim its mentioned that god sent 124000 messengers to world from adam to muhammed. so see at present jews are the followers of moses, but they didnt accept jesus and christians dont believe in Muhammed(SAW)so worshipping 1 god but 3 sets are there. like that from the bedginning of Adam to Muhammed some refuse to believe the new apsolate who god sent to them. its like disobeying god.but people dont like to seek and give up their myth believes. in india they even worship human,snakes,trees and mainly idols.
• United States
22 Jan 07
wow... you've been around the world... and got great interest in religions huh.... but you said you don't have to tell us something, that's why you don't have responds.. joke. different continent, different people, different religion different gods