I want to see several countries in europe while riding a Harley-Davidson motorcy

June 29, 2006 11:47pm CST
Sorry,I only speak english ( or as I call it 'merican ). I have saying for years now , that if iI had a chance to tour Europe on a Harley, then I could come home and die happily ever after..Because I would have done it all. I beleive that now I may have the ways and means to acheive this goal. I own a custom built S & S shovelhead on a rigid frame, Very classie but not practical for the kind of riding I would expect to do while "overthere" Dyna glide or a fat boy Harley would do it for me, as I would travel light. I'm interested in starting in england, Stonehenge and places, then to France, Germany, Norway-Denmark-sweded and of course the netherlands. I am kind of history buff and would like to visit places where events have taken place.. I would perfer to have the same Machine the whole time if that would be possible. I will expect to tour for at least a month. Iknow people do these kinds of things but I really need people to help hook me up to a way to plan this. This journey would certainly be the highlight of my life. I am a "young" 56 year old man with hair braided to my waist, countless tattoos, agreat sense of humor and in good health. I have been riding different styles of Harleys. customs and larger bikes for many years . If some one could give me some info on where to start and other things a stranger might neednto know it would be much appreciated. Thanx for e-mailing me back Frank C. Dagley 221 5th St. So. # 9 Moorhead, MN. USA 56560 frank_dagley @ yahoo.com.
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