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October 6, 2006 7:31pm CST
Do you think that the new Booster seat rule in the UK is a money making idea or a genuine safety precaution?
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8 Oct 06
It came from the Europeans I believe, what you can you expect? Although in all honest, the theory of the law has a place. Seatbelts often to securely fit smaller children and will pose a risk to harming them more seriously than if the seatbelt had been the right size. The law however is fickle and contradicting. You can completely do away booster seats for a ‘short journey’ define short? If I stop every now and again have I made several individual short journeys? The Government wants us to cut down on air pollution by buying smaller cars, yet to go out on a family trip legally (Two parents, three children) you either need a bigger car or one of the parents has to stay at home since it’s illegal (if you can fit them in) to have three booster seats in the back of a car, hence someone has to squeeze in between two booster seats at the back, and unless you’re Kate Moss, not exactly possible. The inability to even accept seatbelt adjusting gadgets is an issue that one could argue that it shows it’s agenda. I've always used booster seats where possible for my nephews, as had done their parents, it is genuine safety precaution though the law itself isn't quite. My local police station are not enforcing it and won’t be enforcing it for the foreseeable future as they’ve heard no official word on it, it just shows how much of a joke this law is.
@funguy (148)
13 Oct 06
that's a good response !!