The art of letting go...

@ako_me (60)
January 22, 2007 12:44am CST
I hate goodbyes, i really do. Because when you said goodbye, you have to let go. Be it a good or bad thing, it is still letting go. But once (or twice or more) in our life, we have to let go, whether we like it or not. Just the though of it pains me, letting go of something that's so important to you, letting go of the memories that you cherished and letting go of a person that you deeply loved for you to move on, oh god... How will I learn the art of letting go...
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22 Jan 07
there's is no art of letting go... its the decipline to urself is what u have to learn... make urself busy... think that letting go is not the end of ur world..nor closing door or saying goodbye is the in of ur tomorrow.. u body forcing u to do it overnight... u can take ur this moment choice ur friends someone less sympathetic to ur emotion...someone who can cheers a good way... cry if u must....but let those tears washes ur pain. and u will be surprise one day how much accomplice u've done after ur rainy days...hope u feeling better..:-* take care and God give u wisdom to understand the things that happening to to make u stronger and a better person...cheers!!