What goes on in the mind of Arabic men?

@judyt00 (3504)
January 22, 2007 1:21am CST
So, i was standing at my bus stop which is right outside the Mormon Church, and just ablock from the Catholic church, waiting for my bus, when this Arabic guy drives uo in his van and asks 'Hey, bi**ch, What you charge for a b**w job? What thehell!!! i'm 55, overweight and with liver disease, so I look like I'm 7 months pregnant, and he actually has the nerve to call me names and demand a b j. Then to add insult to injury, after i politely told him to F off, he starts yelling at me about how he knows that all us christian women give then for anybody that asks. what gives aravbic men the right to assume that just because I live in North America, that I"m a hooker? And why doesn't he just go home and ask his wife for one?
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