Beautiful feet?

@enemies (739)
January 22, 2007 2:38am CST
Not to say I want my feet to be "beautiful" but I am asking mostly of the women out do you keep your feet beautiful? SPECIFICALLY....I am asking those of you who stand all day for work as I do. I know wearing shoes is bad on the feet...I moisturize alot and try to exfoliate alot but I can't stay on top of the problem. Callouses are the main issue. I can't shake them! And yet women seem to have very nice feet [generally]. My feet are horrible...I'm considering seeking professional help from a podiatrist. What do you do? What do you think I should do? Additional Details 5 months ago I am getting a variety of answers, ranging from annhilation of tissue (via bicarbonate of soda, limon, and other acids) to softening it in bizarre ways such as soaking in vaseline. I will go with one of the professional answers, but thank you all for the ideas. I will try all of them if possible.
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