Red Eyes Black Dragon Fusion

January 22, 2007 3:28am CST
I was thinking of a new Fusion of the Red Eyes Black Dragon, because yeah the Red Eyes Black Dragon is probaly one of the coolest Dragons there are besides the Classic Power House the Blue Eyes White Dragon, so just like Blue Eyes, why Does'nt Red Eyes Polymerize into Two Red Eyes Black Dragons? You Know Like Two Heads are better then one, well it would be a great thing for the Red Eyes Black Dragon Fans, because i noticed that Red Eyes Black Metal Dragon is well weak, sure he is cool and all but only gaining 400 additional attack isnt that great, and having to buy it for around $90 plus another few extra cash for Metalmorph just isnt right you know, anyways i was thinking if you have Two Red Eyes Black Dragons, why not Polymerize them both into a Fusion with atleast 3000 Attack or 3200 Attack, would be alot better to have, because i have 3 Red Eyes, and they just cant match up to alot of my opponents monsters, Zoa, Blue Eyes, Dark Magician, i mean poor Red Eyes, he is such a cool Dragon, but gets picked on because of his 2400 Attack... anyways it would be great to see a Fusion of the Red Eyes Black Dragon, because Black Skull Dragon is awesome also, but it would be great to see Red Eyes take on a similar Fusion as its counter Light Dragon Rival, anyways just thought i'd suggest that, also his ability, would be kool, with 3000/Attack his ability would be to Attack Twice in the Same Battle Phase, but if you use this effect then your other monsters cant Attack in the Same Battle Phase as Red Eyes, also if you did use this effect you cant Attack your opponents life points directly, tough but satisfactory, anyways thats just my ideal thoughts of a good card, because i just love the Red Eyes Black Dragon, and its so hard to see him fall because of his rather pitiful attack power, anyways i hope i made a point, and also i am drawing a Red Eyes Twin Dragon, im sure you all can come up with a better name, but just thought i'd suggest that also FUSION MONSTER NAME-RED EYES TWIN B DRAGON FUSION MATERIAL MONSTERS-(2) RED EYES B DRAGON SPECIAL ABILITY-THIS MONSTER CAN ATTACK TWICE IN THE BATTLE PHASE, BY USING THIS EFFECT THIS MONSTER CANT ATTACK YOUR LIFE POINTS DIRECTLY ATK/3000 DEF/2500
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