parents out there please give me an advice on how to race a bright child??

January 22, 2007 3:47am CST
i just to know more how can i race my children to be bright child.?To all parents out there please do response.I will really appreciate it.Thank you in advance
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• United States
29 Jan 07
HTe first thing that you have to do is encourage your children to be curious. They should ask lots of questions and you should always try to answer them. If you don't know the answer sit down with them and find the answer. Secondly you should always encourage your child to read. This starts with you reading to them before they can read themselves. The best way to encourage them is to be a good example. You should read a lot and show a thirst for knowledge, so your kids will too. Lastly, you should realize that some children are not as gifted as others. As long as your child is putting forth the effort and achieving the best results they can. When they do this they will be successful in whatever they chose to do.
• Philippines
29 Jan 07
first there's no elevator for success, you have to take the stairs. raising a bright child ain't that easy. you have to be a role model, too. develop a study habit. get involved in his interests.give credits even to the minutest achievement he had in school. give rewards. its a good stimulator. give lots of love and support and the rest will fall into place. hope i helped you in some ways.