can the stars and planets really tell our fate or future?

stars and planets - stars and planets make up the whole solar system, the whole galaxy, and the whole universe. and most psychics would rely on the placing of these heavenly bodies to tell the future of people. they claim that they are able to foresee coming events and situations through these stars and planets.
@nyka08 (411)
January 22, 2007 3:54am CST
have you ever been to a future teller? a lot of future tellers try to see your future through a glass ball, through cards or through palm reading. but one of the most common would be through the stars and planet indicated in your birthdate and zodiac sign. i have seen a lot of people try to tell the future through these in tv. and somehow, some of what they say do happen. i'm not really sure if i believe them. but do you think it's true? or is it all just plain coincidence?
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22 Jan 07
i don't believe that stars and planets could tell my fate. I live on my own destiny, i have free will, and im the one that control my future. if im lazy, then i'll get no job, if im treating others good, then they'll treat me good also. Things that they wrote on tv, are just plain coincidence, if you take a closer look on the language that they use is very refracted. I could easyly say that tomorow you'll meet good people, vice versa. that's just doesn't makes any sense for me.